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Anchorage Unleashed is disbanding.

The main jobs we set out to do have been done: Anchorage Unleashed selected four parks suitable for off-leash use and asked Animal Care and Control and Parks and Recreation to review and approve them and helped organize one hundred devoted users (maybe that includes you) to show up at the Assembly in 2004 wearing the orange newspaper sleeves(known as poop bags) fashioned into necklaces and arm bands; lastly, we continually worked for make the parks survive their critics. Twelve years later all the original parks remain open and others have been established. Now, with University Lake Park, our most controversial park, in a 10 year municipality plan, our job is done.

With those objectives accomplished there seems little need for our umbrella organization. We hope that each park will find its own user group to handle issues unique to their park. This website will remain up for a year. We’d love to hear how things are going in your park or when new off-leash areas are being established.

On behalf of the Board of Anchorage Unleashed, thank you for the encouragement and help you have given to the dog park cause.

Anchorage Unleashed